Mounting a Floating White Corner Shelf

Aug 17th

White corner shelf – A floating shelf corner wraps around a corner to give you shelf storage, running from one wall, around the corner and on another wall. Floating shelf corner installation requires precise cutting, because all the fittings and supports that hold up the shelf remains hidden behind the shelf. When installing a floating shelf corner, you have a design to complement any decor and give you a stylish alternative to store your belongings.


Take a wooden board and cut strips that will be front and sides of the floating white shelf corner. Each front piece will run the same length as the 2-by-4, and will be four inches high. Each side piece will be four inches high and equal in length to the depth of the shelf. For example, if your shelf is 6 inches deep, your side pieces to be 4 inches high and 6 inches wide. Measure the length of your upper and lower pieces that will run the length of your 2 by 4. Cut the top and bottom pieces to the appropriate length. Because it is a white corner shelf, you have two top pieces and bottom two pieces for each shelf.

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Assemble and install the Shelf, Secure lower pieces to the 2-by-4, which has already been mounted on the wall. Attach the piece on the board by drilling through your tree and into the board mounted on the wall. Continue your floating white corner shelf installation by mounting the top pieces in the same way. Slide your hand piece in their proper location and secure them by nailing through the top and bottom pieces and in your front and side pieces. Use wood putty to fill any nail holes or to cover any gaps in the tree.