Make Wooden Drawer Glides Easily

Aug 6th

Drawer glides – Wooden drawers with traditional wooden slides often stick. This is caused by wear and tear over time and changes in the weather. Moisture can cause wood to swell. These drawers have slots at the bottom or along the both sides which is designed to run along the drawer slides. Wood-on-wood movement can obviously cause friction. Make wooden drawers in your home run more smoothly with a few basic techniques.

New Drawer Glides
New Drawer Glides

Pull the drawer sticking out of the closet or dresser. Assess the condition of the drawer glides slots and slides inside the cabinet. Look for any loose screws on the drawer slides. Tighten all screws may be loose. Screws can loosen over time and cause the drawer to function poorly.

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Sand any areas of slides that appear worn or shiny with fine-grit sandpaper. Sand with the grain. Apply paste wax or nylon tape of drawer slides. Paste wax is a traditional approach to making wood on wood joints operates more efficiently. The nylon tape that is designed for this application can also be an effective method. It is a matter of personal preference. Place the tray in the cabinet. Pull the tray back and forth to be sure that drawer glides slides smoothly.