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Function of Antique Gas Chandelier

Antique gas chandelier is a classic fixture that helped to develop gas power and electricity. Nowadays the antique chandeliers more for decoration rather than actual use. You can find antique chandeliers in hundreds of different colors, materials, styles and sizes.

Antique Brass Gas Chandelier

Antique Brass Gas Chandelier

Different types of antique chandelier speak different kinds of lifestyles and personalities. Candle chandeliers of course, were the first type of chandelier that emerges in society. And the second type is antique gas chandelier .The main function of the chandeliers is to light a room in a home with an array of soft lighting. Although they were used as normal lighting centuries ago, is now the more decorative because they are antiques. The ornate and old-fashioned classic design enhances any home with a vintage and elegant twist.

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The basic features of chandeliers include mounting fixture, a base and decorative branches. A ceiling mounted fixture, as a chain, is connected to a rounded or squared base. Ramification of this base is at least two decorative and ornate branches, usually crawled up or down. These arms hold the lamps on the ends to light a room. Highly detailed and expensive antique gas chandelier can also have lots of light, and arms and has complicated fixtures of different materials, such as glass or brass.

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