Find Out About Bamboo Plywood

Aug 18th

Bamboo plywood – We have been working for some months in the manufacture of a new bamboo board that today we want to present you. It is a plywood board, made entirely of bamboo, and is ideal for use as a wall or ceiling coating that requires great flexibility.

Kitchen Bamboo Plywood Furniture
Kitchen Bamboo Plywood Furniture

Bamboo plywood is formed by several wood veneers _which can have different thicknesses that glue to each other by means of the arranged arrangement of the direction of its fiber, they allow the obtaining of a very stable and resistant board. By adding additives to the glue used in the manufacture we can obtain waterproofing boards, also called phenolic, fireproof, flexible…

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According to the use of the board, for its manufacture we start with selected veneers in the upper and lower faces and can use inferior quality veneers in the intermediate layers. In order to reach the desired board size, the existing sheets must be sewn. The veneers of bamboo plywood are usually all of the same kind of wood; the most common being pine, birch or squash. When this type of board is used for wall or ceiling cladding veneers are seen in veneers of noble wood: oak, cumarú, mongoy …