Build Small Corner Shelf Ideas

May 26th

Corner shelf – Prepare to build a small corner shelf by determining the location, wall material and the material for the shelf. Because the locations and materials vary greatly, this example, suppose an inner square corner of a wood-framed house having smooth walls drywall. Materials used in the Example 1-by-12-by-24-inch and 1-by-2-by-24-inch pine boards.


Find a location on the small shelf corner, using a tape measure to estimate the 60 inches from the floor at the chosen corner. Use a framing square to verify the correctness of the 90-degree corner angle. Use a spirit level and pencil to draw two lines on the wall to ensure level placement. Draw each line about 12 inches from the corner. This marks the location of the corner shelf.  Place the 1-by-12 shelf board on a flat surface and measure and mark the midpoint along the upper and lower edges.  Prepare the timber for installation by cutting the 1-by-12 along the marked lines. The board should now be about 22.5 inches along the finished edge and about 15.91 inches in from each angled side. Note the discrepancy.

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Apply construction adhesive by means of a caulking gun to one side of the two 1-by-2’s. Hammer four diving to staple them in place on the corner of the room on the previously marked horizontal lines. Allow sufficient time to expire before removing the final nail keeps small corner shelf in place. (Follow manufacturer’s instructions for curing time.) Stain or paint the shelf to complete the project.